Profile of operation

Zakład Automatyki Energetycznej ZAE has been dealing with designing, manufacturing and implementation of the energy automatics appliances for 20 years. We offer appliances which have been successfully used in energy systems and electric power plants for many years. An experienced team of designers and technicians develops the lines of products responsible for switching power supply, control of the condition of the line and electric wiring, measurement and control of short-circuits and earthing.
We are an authorised pre-manufacturer of, among others, such companies as: MoellerElectric, SchrackEnergietechnik.


Production of the appliances of energetic automation

  • Appliances for automatic switching of the reserve (SZR) and planned switching of power supply RZR®;
  • Computer aided system of impulse tracing  of faults of the overhead high voltage transmission lines WKSL®;
  • Indicators of short-circuits in cable networks CPZ®-3MFA;
  • Power and voltage transformers;


  • Cooperation in preparation and realisation of construction,
  • Start ups, testing, diagnosis and control of produced appliances on the energy facilities,
  • Implementation in the energy facilities,
  • Construction, modernisation of appliances according to directions of the client of professional power generation
  • Pre- manufacturing of NN Switchboards nn and electric automatic cabinets,
  • Assessment of local energy resources of wind,
  • Location of wind power plants,
  • Cooperation in preparation and realisation of construction of wind power plants.

As a company with a pre-manufacturing department, we offer:

  • Switchboard systems for distribution of high power in full electric range up to 4000A manufactured based on:
    - supplied documentation,
    - own projects,
    - individual arrangements,
  • Sets of nn switchboards equipped in:
    - automatic ZZR sets of own production,
    - analyzers of network parameters etc.,
    - in condenser batteries to compensate passive power;
  • Measurement-distribution sets for installations supplying production halls, apartment buildings;
  • Cabinets of automatics and steering