Cabinets and switchboards

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Cabinets and nn switchboards


As a company having a pre-manufacturing department at our disposal we can offer:

  • The systems of switchboards for high power distribution
  • Sets of nn switchboards.
  • Measuring- distribution sets for the installations supplying production halls, apartment buildings.
  • Cabinets of automation and steering.

ZAE company has in its offer pre-manufacturing services:

  • Switchboard systems for distribution of high powers in full electrical range to 4000A manufactured based on:

    • Supplied documentation,
    • Own projects,
    • Individual arrangements,

  • Nn switchboard sets equipped:

    • In SZR automation systems,
    • In analyser of the network parameters etc.,
    • In condenser batteries for compensation for passive power;

  • Measuring-distribution sets for installations supplying power to production halls, apartment houses;
  • Cabinets of automation and steering
    The electrical part of cabinets is manufactured based on documentation supplied by the ordering party and in accordance with the defined requirements concerning the dimensions of the housing, its functional features, the degree of IP protection, colours and general directions concerning the distribution of the appliances and wire bundles.

The quality of the service:

We are an authorised pre-manufacturer of such companies as: MoellerElectric, SchrackEnergietechnik, Schneider Electric.

Based on the solution of the renowned producers such as: Legrand, Moeller, Schrack, Schneider Electric, Hager, ABB etc. we realize the project in accordance to the highest standards.

The orders are performed fast and well taking into account individual wishes of the Customer and in accordance to the requirements of Energy Distribution Companies.